Rebuilding & Restoration

Upgrading existing instruments with a new wave of technology.
Give your organ a new dimension of sound and dynamic range you never dreamed possible.

While Cornel Zimmer Organ Builders have installed a vast array of new organs from all pipe to all digital and many combinations in between, we also have a good deal of experience in rebuilding and restoration work. Recognizing that many times it is worth preserving an older instrument rather than starting all over again, we fully evaluate each project to identify the best possible approach. Whether it’s determined that a new organ is necessary or a restoration is in order, each Cornel Zimmer organ is created as a unique and individual instrument based on the needs and desires of the church. First to be considered are the physical properties of the worship space itself. How are the acoustics? Where will the organ be located? What is the seating capacity? What are the goals the church has for their organ? By working with various representatives of a church or other institution, consultants and architects, answers to these questions will help shape the tonal design and layout that fits each client’s unique situation.

In each and every project Cornel carefully utilizes the artistry of European and American tradition of organ building and combines it with a new age of technology to create organs that will fully support your worship and musical programs. We have purposely maintained a company of the size that allows the flexibility to fully customize each one of our instruments while maintaining a high degree of quality control. All components in a new organ or in a restoration are built to the highest quality standards and our integrated design work ensures that your organ will complement and enhance your worship space.

We realize that the purchase or renovation of an organ is a significant investment any church. The organ will be used for the accompaniment of your choir and the congregation in worship services. Its voice will celebrate the joyous occasion of a wedding or baptism. Its music will be used as a sound of comfort in funerals. It may be used for instruction and practice as well as recitals. We, at Cornel Zimmer Organ Builders absolutely support your efforts to ensure that this important investment will remain a valuable member of your church family for many more generations to come.

Rebuilding and Restoration Work